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C21 Digital Screenings: Theme Festivals


Theme Festivals

Distributors continue to see a boom in demand for finished programming, as buyers still look for alternatives as they plan for their 2024 schedules. Leading players have seen since the pandemic a level playing field for distributors by enabling shows to reach platforms they may have failed to reach before.

To keep supporting the demand for finished tape programming, C21Digital Screenings is continuing on with a series of genre-focused Theme Festivals for 2024, which will carry on running every month on the world’s leading online programme market.

C21Digital Screenings remains the first portal of call for buyers looking to acquire shows, with more than 100 campaigns running through 2021, 2022 and 2023, defining the platform as THE place to connect buyers with sellers. Our regular Theme Festivals celebrate the best in new programming by subject and genre.

For 2024 these festivals will shine a light on the best acquired programming from global suppliers in the most popular genres.

Please contact [email protected] for rates and information.

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The full Theme Festival schedule is published below.


Kids Programming

February 5 – February 18
Submission deadline – January 31
Programming for children remains a vital ingredient of the most successful schedules. This festival takes a look at alternative kids programming from around the world.



Unscripted Programming

March 18 – March 31
Submission deadline – March 13
Showcasing best of what Unscripted programming has to offer.



Non-English Language Drama

April 15 – April 28
Submission deadline – April 10
Non-English-language drama has moved beyond noire to provide a stylish alternative for audiences who now have a voracious appetite for subtitled drama. This festival shines a light on some of the most distinguished shows on offer from international suppliers.



True Crime and Investigation

May 13 – May 26
Submission deadline – May 8
Everyone loves true crime and investigation series. We take a look at some of the biggest brands in this area of programming to uncover series that can deliver audiences for broadcasters looking for support in this area of the schedule.



Lifestyle: Food and Drink

June 17 – June 30
Submission deadline – June 12
Food and drink remains a stalwart of successful schedules. We take a look at some of the most successful franchises that provide sustenance to viewers from around the world.



Lifestyle: Travel and Adventure

July 15 – July 28
Submission deadline – July 10
There is still a huge appetite for viewers to be entertained with shows that take them all around the world. This Theme Festival collates the best on offer from international suppliers for buyers looking to build more adventurous schedules.



TV Movies

August 12 – August 25
Submission deadline – August 8
TV movies and MOWs are a flexible solution to fill slots previously planned to carry drama series. This Theme Festival takes a look at the TV movie and independent film catalogues from global suppliers.




September 16 – September 29
Submission deadline – September 4
Sitcoms have been one of the most effective replacement genres for channels looking to refresh schedules. We take a look at what’s on offer from the world’s leading suppliers.



Nature Documentary

October 14 – October 27
Submission deadline – October 9
With many wonders and sights all around the world, nature documentary allows audiences to discover the world we live in directly from their TV screens.



Content London November

November 18 – November 30
Submission deadline – November 6
Showcasing the best content being promoted at Content London across, Drama, Factual and Formats.



Sci-fi and Horror

December 9 – December 22
Submission deadline – December 4
Designed to help audiences carry on screaming and dreaming, we enter the sci-fi and horror dimension to help buyers populate slots that appeal to audiences worldwide.