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C21 Digital Screenings: Digital Premieres



As the market moves towards more effective digital promotion and marketing of new content, C21Screenings has remained the premiere destination for buyers to source programming.

C21Media hosts six seasons of Digital Premiere Screenings, that allow producers and distributors to premiere shows to a global audience of buyers through the content industry’s leading online screenings platform.

Each Digital Premiere features a screening of a new show – or trailer for a new show – alongside a video interview with key talent from behind and in front of the camera. The package also includes interviews with the executives responsible for taking the show out internationally.

The premieres can be either live, on-demand, or both, and support password-protected access to each event.

C21Screenings has seen a 400% growth in use during 2020, and considerable appetite from companies to organise their own screenings on the platform, or to take part in our bi-weekly Theme Festivals.

The launch of The Digital Premiere Screenings adds another dimension to the mix, and we expect it to attract attention from buyers and sellers around these unique screenings events.

• Create your own bespoke premiere
• Reach the world’s content buyers in one shot
• Get your talent on screen talking about the show
• Ensure your execs get their message across
• C21TV creates the promo package
• C21 handles all production and streaming
• Password protected content if required

Harness the power of the world’s most powerful content community with C21Screenings Digital Premieres.

C21Screenings Digital Premieres are available on a first-come first-served basis.

Please contact [email protected] for rates and information.

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