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Blue Ant hires for global networks

Canada’s Blue Ant Media has made two appointments at its fledgling global networks division as it seeks to expand its channels business.

Beatrice Lee

Beatrice Lee has been appointed to the newly created role of CEO of Blue Ant Media Asia, a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Ant Media that operates under the company’s kids and global networks arm.

Lee will report to Ward Platt, CEO of kids and global networks, and work from the company’s Singapore office.

The exec has been tasked with managing and growing the channels Love Nature 4K, ZooMoo, Blue Ant Entertainment and Blue Ant Extreme (formerly RTL CBS Entertainment and RTL CBS Extreme, respectively) in the Asia-Pacific region. Lee, a former executive at investment firm Aser Group, has also joined the company’s corporate management team.

Blue Ant has grown rapidly recently, launching its networks arm in September a few months after buying David Haslingden’s Racat Group.

Carlyn Staudt, a former senior VP at National Geographic Channels International, has been named executive VP of Love Nature programming and development.

Washington DC-based Staudt will report to Platt and will be responsible for leading Love Nature’s programming strategy on linear and streaming video platforms internationally, with the exception of North America.

The role will also include commissioning original content to grow Blue Ant’s library of 4K natural history programming. Staudt most recently held the role of senior VP, global content partnerships and strategic development at National Geographic Partners.

The hires come after C21 recently revealed that Vanessa Case, Blue Ant’s executive VP of content, would be leaving the company this month after five years.

Case oversaw the strategy and creation of original factual and lifestyle programming across multiple platforms at Blue Ant.

“Blue Ant Media has experienced transformative growth in 2017 and these additions to our kids and global networks division are important to support the international expansion of our channels business,” said Platt.

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