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Pitchee: Dwanye Hill (writer/producer) and David Cormican (writer/producer)

Blood Horn
Blood Horn is a one-hour, six-episode, returnable action-adventure series in the vein of Narcos, centered on the high-stakes world of poaching in South Africa – ground-zero for the illegal destruction of elephants and rhinos.

A US combat vet, Berhane Mosie (Haney or Jane), who was forced to flee Africa when her family farm was attacked, gets pulled back home to investigate the disappearance of her uncle. But what was supposed to be a rescue mission turns into a life-calling for Jane as she assembles and inspires her team of rangers and finds the ultimate outlet for her investigative, strategic and tactical skills gained while serving abroad.

In season one, we dramatise the deadly reality that is the South African bush, where the cheapest commodity is human life. The battle starts on the ground where Haney clashes with poachers, as we work our way up to the top-level kingpins, while the dangers escalate in every episode.

Finding her uncle is only the tip of the iceberg as she uproots the entire system of corruption, chasing a sophisticated network of poachers that spans the globe, from the untamed bush of Africa to the offices of complicit government officials around the world.

This includes foreign diplomats, royal families, airline and shipping execs, all of them covering for Dutch and French traffickers and Thai and Chinese smugglers – all vying for these illegal treasures.

This is an action-packed follow-the-red-thread series. While this is a redemption story for our hero, it’s ultimately one for humankind – to right the wrongs of our forefathers and mothers, preserving a sustainable future for generations to come.

It is co-created by Emmy-nominated filmmakers David Cormican and Dwayne Hill and produced by DCTV with executive producers MJ Bassett, Don Carmody, Cormican and Hill, in association with Red Arrow Studios International.

Project information:
Genre: Action-adventure
Format: 6x60’, returnable
Writers: David Cormican, Dwayne Hill and MJ Bassett
Directing showrunner: MJ Bassett
Producers: MJ Bassett, Don Carmody, David Cormican and Dwayne Hill
Cast (wishlist only): Sophia Boutella (in discussion with management), Idris Elba (in discussion with Green Door Pictures), Peter Mensah (personal friend)
Partners: Red Arrow Studios International, ProTrack, Farm Watch, Various PMCs and Big 5 Game Park Wardens
Development stage: Pilot script
Shooting location: Hoedspruit and Johanesberg, South Africa
Languages: Primarily English, with sporadic Shangan and Dutch (to be subtitled)
Budget: US$2m per hour
Financing in place: 25% Red Arrow Studios minimum guarantee (MG) against international, 20% South African tax incentives and 5% Canadian tax incentives

What you are looking for from the US and/or international business:
We are looking for the broadcast partners and finance as follows:
5% African broadcast partner
5% Canadian broadcast partner
40% US broadcast partner
20% UK broadcast partner (would reduce the MG above)

Company profile:
Don Carmody Television (DCTV), established in 2013, is a partnership between intrepid entrepreneurs Don Carmody and David Cormican. Carmody, one of North America’s most successful producers of premium content since 1980, has produced 100+ projects for cinema ranging from Best Picture Academy Award-winner Chicago, Polytechnique and Goon to the Resident Evil, Boondock Saints and Silent Hill film franchises. They also include wins at the Golden Globes and Emmys.

Carmody and Cormican’s combined creative forces allow a unique and unparalleled offering in the industry, pairing an industry titan with a next-generation luminary. With a keen eye for story, coupled with an ability to attract talent and navigate international coproductions with ease, DCTV’s productions include the International Emmy-nominated historical miniseries Tokyo Trial, for Netflix and Japan’s NHK; Between, an original series for Netflix and City; and ShadowHunters, for Freeform (Disney); along with multi-Emmy-nominated miniseries The Secret Life of Marilyn Monroe for Lifetime.

DCTV debuted its first feature film, Tulipani: Love, Honour & a Bicycle, directed by two-time Academy Award winner Mike van Diem, at the Toronto International Film Festival and last year launched 10-part limited series Northern Rescue for CBC and Netflix.

David Cormican
Email: [email protected]