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Mediacrest Entertainment

Company overview

Founded in 2018, we are a Spanish audiovisual production company with a clear objective: to create quality content that excites and leaves a lasting impression on a diverse, global audience. READ MORE

Company contact

Address: Avenida de Pío XII, 44
Phone: +34 91 088 88 86
E-mail: sales@mediacrestcom

Programming Profile

Mediacrest: The World is Shrinking


Emma García Alvarez, VP international sales, Mediacrest


With recent content agreements in new territories like NHK in Japan and Glaz in Brazil, Mediacrest proves to be a versatile partner with focus in coproduction, and with the capacity of both creating formats from scratch and adapting successful formats to the Spanish market.


What is your vision of today’s current international content market?

There is appetite for fresh, original formats and good fiction stories that can organically bring different companies and countries to work together. We can all see that in the last few years there has been an increase of international co-productions, that will probably continue increasing while the platforms keep reducing their original commissions. The projects and formats we bring to the market are selected for their international appeal, and universal interest.