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Pitchees: Mackenzie Munro (writer, producer) and Kari Skogland (director, producer)

Dogs Blood
A serialised drama with hints of dark comedy. Dog's Blood follows Sarah Burnaby, an up-and-coming young writer stuck under the glass ceiling in the male-dominated field of investigative journalism.

Sarah finds the story she thinks will make her career: embedding herself with the first female outlaw motorcycle gang. But what she thinks is going to be a simple exposé turns complicated, as Sarah finds family, feminism and a sense of purpose, all things missing in her ‘real’ life. Of course, that comes part and parcel with Sarah getting more involved with the criminal aspects of the gang, making her complicit with the very activities she's supposed to be exposing.

She will ultimately have to decide between betraying her new family and fighting for a place in a world she never felt a part of, and leaving everything she's known behind to follow her new dream, with people that make her feel at home.

Project Information:
Genre: Drama/Comedy
Format: 8x60’
Writers: Mackenzie Munro and Dalan Musson
Director: Kari Skogland
Producers: Kari Skogland, Mackenzie Munro, Amelia Baker and Paul Green
Partners: None
Development stage: Bible, series overview, pilot script in process
Shooting location: Anywhere there's a tax credit that looks like southern US
Languages: English
Total budget: US$16m
Budget per episode: US$2m
Financing already in place: Initial development funding in place

Looking for from the International Business:
Looking for a partner and buyer to complete development.

Company profiles:

Mad Rabbit is a Red Arrow Studios development and production company from director, producer and writer Kari Skogland, focused on creating socially conscious, intelligent and powerful stories that challenge our assumptions, raise our awareness and leave a legacy.

Frustrated with the quality and focus of content that was being made for Gen Z and premium platforms, Blonde Mamba was formed by a group of Gen Z creatives to develop and produce projects for mainstream networks and platforms, emerging digital content services and brand partners.

Creatively and economically, we focus on a platform-agnostic angle whilst looking at a show’s potential in long and short formats.

Between LA, London and Toronto, our team has developed content for platforms such as Snapchat Discover and Facebook Watch, as well as delivering international award-winning short films.

Along with our slate, we have our Mamba Collective, a spitball room to crack a story that needs an authentic take.

Blonde Mamba
E: [email protected]
T: 1(415)624-6915
1022 N Gardner St, West Hollywood, CA 90046, USA

Mad Rabbit
www.madrabbitco.comE: [email protected]
T: 1(647)242-8626
103 Walnut Ave, Toronto ON, M5V2S1, CA