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YLE begins journey to remake long-running Swedish format På Spåret

Hengaillaan host Jenni Poikelus with judge Riku Rantala

Finnish public broadcaster YLE is making a local version of long-running Swedish entertainment programme På Spåret (On the Track).

Hengaillaan will begin broadcasting on Saturday evenings in Finland from January 28 next year.

SVT, which created the format, said På Spåret is one of its biggest entertainment programmes.

On air since 1987 in Sweden, the format sees two teams of famous faces competing against each other to identify the destination of a train, car or plane journey, using visual clues from a video and additional clues from the host.

The Finnish version will be broadcast live and feature a chef on site in the studio who contributes food questions inspired by the destinations. The presenter of the Finnish version will be Jenni Poikelus and the judge of the competition is Riku Rantala.

“På Spåret is a very familiar format to us and we have followed its success in Sweden for a long time. When we were looking for a suitable format for Saturday nights, it emerged as a functional gameshow that offers fun togetherness and excitement,” said Arttu Nurmi, programme commissioner at YLE.

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