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Tune in to the C21FM Weekly Review Show

In the C21FM Weekly Review Show, which this week runs from 10am today to 10am on Monday April 26, we play highlights from a great week on the station. Tune in for a mix of music, news and interviews that put the global content business in perspective.

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This week on C21FM we heard from Emma Hindley of the UK’s Zinc Media Group about how traditional history programming is changing to gain wider appeal, and from Channel 5 commissioning editor Lucy Willis about how the genre has changed for buyers, plus the trends she predicts for it in future.

We also heard from Starlings Television president Chris Philip about adapting Korean drama around the globe and continuing with production during the pandemic, while Martin Persson, executive producer at Anagram Sweden, talks about the success of innovative SVT police drama Thin Blue Line.

The C21FM Weekly Review Show also includes a chat with Docsville co-founder Lawrence Elman about the challenges of the company’s new Covid-19-focused film 2020: The Story of Us, and Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee on the Northern Ireland-based sitcom’s success around the world.

Rounding out the week’s interviews are Nucleus Media Rights execs Bruno Zarka, Alan Rudoff and Isabelle Pechou who discuss the fledgling London-based studio’s first projects and plans for global growth, while Keshet Tresor Fiction director of programming Christina Christ talks about the company’s ambitions in the booming German drama market.

All of this, together with a mix of music to keep you sane. Thanks for listening.

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