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M6, Lagardère TV deal finalised

French broadcaster M6 Group has concluded its acquisition of Lagardère Group’s television division.

M6 entered into negotiations with the conglomerate’s media arm, Lagardère Active, to buy 100% of its TV division and started the acquisition process in May.

Lagardère, which produces linear and non-linear content for children and has interests in 91 countries, was sold to M6 for €215m (US$236m).

The deal will reinforce M6’s position in the global markets and has given it a fourth linear channel, Gulli.

The deal has also provided M6 with two cable channels, Youth Canal J and Tiji, along with Lagardère’s other networks Elle Girl TV, MCM, RFM TV and MCM Top.

In addition, M6 now owns Lagardère’s on-demand services Gulli Replay and Gulli Max, as well as international distribution businesses Gulli Africa, Gulli Bil Arabi, Gulli Girl and Tiji Russia.

The sale will be consolidated into M6’s financial statements from September 1.

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