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Korea’s CJ ENM, Line Digital Frontier join forces to open studio in Japan

CJ ENM’s I Can See Your Voice

South Korean entertainment company CJ ENM and its production arm Studio Dragon have teamed up with Naver Webtoon’s affiliated company Line Digital Frontier to launch a production hub in Japan.

Studio Dragon Japan will produce premium content based on CJ ENM and Studio Dragon’s expertise combined with Line Digital Frontier’s premium original IP. The new company will encompass all stages of content production, from development and investment to production and distribution.

Studio Dragon Japan is CJ ENM’s fourth production studio, joining Studio Dragon, Endeavor Content and recently announced CJ ENM Studios, as it expands its multi-studio structure worldwide. CJ ENM now has studios in Korea, the US and Japan.

CJ ENM, which employs more than 3,600 people, is best known for Oscar-winning movie Parasite and unscripted formats such as I Can See Your Voice.

Kang Cheolgu, executive officer of Japan drama business at CJ ENM, said: “Based on CJ ENM and Studio Dragon’s global network and presence, Studio Dragon Japan will serve as the bridge between top content creators in Korea and Japan, and will act as a gateway for these top IPs to enter the global market. Studio Dragon Japan will produce premium content targeted at global channels, including streaming platforms.”

Kim Sinbae, head of Line Manga at Naver Webtoon, said: “With the establishment of this joint venture, we have secured an IP value chain that can bring to life webtoons to video content in Japan. We will promote the excellence of webtoon IP through high-quality dramas aimed at the global market and solidify our position as the forerunner in the entertainment industry.”


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