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Director: Lee Seon-young

Producer: CJ ENM

Executive Producer: Hwang Na-hye

Cast: Kim Jong-kook, Yoo Sae-yoon, Lee Teuk

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: 18-30, 18+, 30-50, Female, Male

70 mins

What does a good singer look like?
Can you tell someone’s singing ability by the way they look?
Seven mystery singers, all with different singing abilities… Among them, there are talented singer, and then… there are truly horrible singers. Based on three rounds of hints, the guest star has to figure out who can carry a tune and who cannot. After every round, the guest star eliminates 2 mystery singers and the final remaining mystery singer will get to sing a duet with the guest star. Did the guest star make the right choice? Will the duet partner be a good singer or just a great imposter who can’t carry a note?

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