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Israel’s Sipur, HOT, HSCC partner on Hamas massacre feature documentary

MIPCOM: Tel Aviv-based producer Sipur is working with Israeli broadcaster HOT Channel 8 and local prodco HSCC on a feature documentary about the Hamas massacre at the Supernova music festival in Israel on October 7.

Yariv Mozer (photo: Alexander van Keulen via CC)

Led by director Yariv Mozer (The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes, Ben Gurion: Epilogue), the documentary chronicles how an event focused on music, love and freedom descended into a massacre.

Sipur has acquired exclusive material from participants and key people at the festival seeking to honour the scores of young victims.

The filmmakers will present an in-depth look at the festival before, during and after the horrific event. It will include interviews with investigators, soldiers and journalists, as well as previously unseen footage gathered from festival-goers.

The project was announced on the first day of Mipcom here in Cannes.

Mozer said: “I have seen things in my life. I have lived through wars; I have fought in wars and I have even filmed during a war. But nothing prepared me for the harsh images I have seen in the remains of the massacre that took place at the Nova music festival.

“I see it as my duty as a documentary filmmaker to bring to the world the testimonies and horrific stories from the survivors of this slaughter – young women and men whose only sin was their desire for music, and the passion to celebrate free love, spirit and freedom.”

Sipur CEO Emilio Schenker added: “We have moved quickly to make this documentary, because we believe it is imperative to do everything in our power to shine a light on the greatest evil committed against our people since the Holocaust. The Supernova music festival must be seen and understood in its entirety to truly understand the larger meaning of the unspeakable crimes against humanity that occurred there. The world must never forget.”

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