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Filipino format wins Fox Entertainment-backed MipFormats International Pitch

L-R: Yasmin Rawji, moderator and Channel21 International editor Nico Franks, winner Christian G Gamboa, Nathalie Wogue and Allison Wallach

MIPTV: A gameshow format from the Philippines in which participants are encouraged to cheat has earned a cash prize from Fox Alternative Entertainment (FAE) here in Cannes.

The format, titled Cheat on the Glitch, saw off competition from four other contenders in the MipFormats International Pitch session today at MipTV.

Fox Entertainment’s in-house unscripted studio picked the five projects out of 67 submissions from 51 companies and 27 countries.

The winner was then chosen live during a session in Cannes earlier today by a jury consisting of Allison Wallach, executive VP of head of FAE; Yasmin Rawji, senior VP of alternative entertainment at Fox Entertainment; and Nathalie Wogue, an international format strategist who works as a consultant for FAE.

Cheat on the Glitch was pitched by independent producer Christian G Gamboa, who was making his first trip to MipTV this year.

The format sees players compete in different funny games while being monitored by a group of “celebrity guards” through security cameras. Glitches occur during the games when the security cameras momentarily shut down. This gives players a window of opportunity to cheat in order to win.

Gamboa will now receive US$5,000 to take the format to the next stage of its development and has the chance to be part of Fox’s US$100 Million International Unscripted Format Fund.

The fund was unveiled last year and is part of a push at the US media company to find new ideas and IP in international markets by outsourcing the pilot process to other broadcasters and seeing how audiences react.

During a Q&A about the format, the jury praised the show for its originality and for focusing on a universal subject in cheating.

The four other formats being pitched were Wingmen: The Dating Show, from Michael Dolinsek Filmproduction in Austria; Stars on Pole, from NU Production in Spain; Roulette, from Format Workshop in Turkey; and Million Fall, from Fuji Television Network in Japan.

The event marked the first time the MipFormats International Pitch had been held in-person since 2019, when Aussie format Change My Mind won, and the first time it has been sponsored by Fox.


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