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FAST channel Fuse Beat debuts in UK marking start of international roll-out

US-based Fuse Media has begun the international roll-out of its free, ad-supported streaming television (FAST) channel that celebrates black culture.

Miguel Roggero

Fuse Beat made its international debut in the UK on December 8 on Samsung TV Plus, having launched in June to focus on programming featuring black people.

It includes over 100 hours of content celebrating black culture and features Hollywood movies, original series, specials and docs.

Set up by Latino-owned Fuse Media with Quincy Newell’s Twentyone14 Media and US entertainment company Cinedigm, it has licensed content from companies including Rlaxx TV, MTN, LingoPie and Telkom SA.

In October, Fuse acquired over 60 hours of programming for the FAST channel from BBC Studios, including UK crime drama Luther, starring Idris Elba, and BBC comedy sketch show Famalam.

“Fuse’s brand of authentic, empowering entertainment is universal. As we continue to grow the Fuse audience outside of the US, our commitment to amplifying and celebrating authentic voices remains paramount. The UK has a thriving multicultural community, and we’re proud to offer Fuse Beat’s diverse content to new audiences,” said Fuse Media CEO Miguel Roggero.

“Audiences worldwide are demanding experiences where they feel their interests are catered to and their images are properly represented. It is our vision to answer that call by providing a premium and culturally relevant product to an engaged global audience that is passionate about black culture, and I think we’ve achieved that with Fuse Beat,” added Newell.


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