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Ellipse unveils latest Canal+ sitcom

RENDEZ-VOUS NEWS – Ellipse Distribution is at Saint Tropez launching the Canal+ sitcom My Worst Pals (20×24′), produced by Air Production. It's about the chaotic life of three lazy friends who find themselves squatting in the house of another.

Ellipse is also handling distribution of three other Canal+ sitcoms: H for Hospital (60×24′), produced by Fit Production and so far sold into Poland, Russia, Finland, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, and Central Europe; Seriously Now (58×24′), a Starling Production; and Eva Mag (20×26′), produced by Alya.

On the TV movie front, Ellipse is launching Fatou The Malianne (90′), a France2-Cinétévé co-production about a young woman whose father wants to marry against her will; and We’re Fine, it's Christmas, a social comedy about a family Christmas, co-produced by TF1 and Expand.

Ellipse's police series Crime Squad (36×52′), which airs on Friday evenings on France2, is produced by Fit Production and has been sold to Finland and Central Europe.

The distributor is also pushing the first Franco-Canadian sci-fi co-production between Le Sabre and Canal+
entitled StarHunter (22×52′), which has been shot in English.

Last on the Ellipse Rendez-Vous slate is documentary series Azimut (275×10′ or 90×30′) produced on behalf of the United Nations Development programme. The doc shows how the programme is helping developing countries to get out of poverty. The series has been broadcast on France2 and La Cinquième.

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