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Celador & DIC to make animated Millionaire

After inking a deal with the UK's Celador International, LA-based DIC Entertainment is to produce an animated series based on Celador's Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

The Adventures of Who Wants to be a Millionaire – The Animated Series will follow winning contestants as they spend their winnings on trips to exotic locations around the globe.

The show will feature a host based in the Millionaire Command Centre who keeps in touch with the contestants as they involve themselves in various adventures. The show {takes Celador's global primetime hit to the next level, with linear storyline adventures,{ said DIC's ceo and chairman Andy Heyward.

The deal covers TV, home video, consumer products and promotional opportunities for the toon. Furthermore, a website will allows users to follow the same journeys as the characters on-screen, with potentially different outcomes.

Celador and DIC will share distribution rights to the show, which will be unveiled at MIPCOM.


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