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Beano primed for digital age

UK children’s comic Beano has launched a new production arm to bring characters such as Dennis the Menace into the digital age and appointed a UK kids TV veteran to its board.

Dennis the Menace

Dennis the Menace

Beano Studios will create, curate and deliver a range of entertainment for kids, including new film and TV programmes and a digital platform that’s set to launch this autumn.

Nigel Pickard, the launch director for both CBBC and CBeebies at the BBC and a former director of programmes at ITV, has joined the board as non-executive director.

The aim is to create a digital destination for children aged 7-10, something that the launch team behind Beano Studio says currently does not exist.

Beano Studios is also working with global broadcast partners to create a new CGI-animated series featuring the character of Dennis Dennis and Gnasher: Unleashed! (52×11′), which is due for delivery in autumn 2017.

With as its hub, Beano Studios will work across YouTube and kids’ social media platform PopJam to provide a network available on all devices to cater to children’s increasing appetite for digital entertainment.

This will feature talent from family and entertainment networks such as DreamWorks, Channel 4, Radio 1 and Disney, according to Beano.

“From a parents’ point of view, the digital space has become a wild west of unpredictable environments where children might be pressured to grow up too quickly. Only 18% of parents feel there are enough safe, good quality digital destinations for kids,” said Emma Scott, CEO of Beano Studios, citing a recent survey conducting in the UK.

“We’re here to change that. To build a safe, trusted world full of cheekiness and energy where kids can be themselves, have fun and live in the moment,” added Scott.

“Whilst there are a lot of entertainment options for early teens and grown-ups, with social networks and content from broadcasters and vloggers alike, there is no single digital destination for children aged 7-10,” said James Neal, director of content at Beano Studios.


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