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  • Porn Free…. (Published in Features) 01-11-2002
    Or is adult programming to remain the driver of pay services? From Indian censors who want hardcore on terrestrial TV to 3G operators who want it to drive pay services, it~s a sticky issue. John Plunkett reports.
  • UK drama now more like US drama (Published in News) 31-10-2002
    British drama has finally lost its reputation for {gritty storylines and ugly actors,{ according to one of the industry~s most powerful commissioning editors.
  • Drama crisis for Canadian distributors (Published in News) 31-10-2002
    The international market for TV drama and telefilms has never been tougher, according to two of Canada~s leading international distributors.
  • MTV US grows up (Published in News) 31-10-2002
    MTV~s transformation into a traditional entertainment channel with series like The Osbournes has proved difficult but necessary shift away from music, according to one of its top executives.
  • BBC defends its interactive services (Published in News) 30-10-2002
    The BBC~s head of interactive TV has defended the corporation~s red button services, warning that the new technology will fail to entice viewers without sufficient on-screen promotion.
  • One man's light entertainment… (Published in Features) 16-05-2002
    Each distinct territory used to have its own idiosyncratic entertainment - then came the endless supply of smart, ratings-grabbing international entertainment juggernauts. John Plunkett finds out what~s winning where.
  • Mexican TOTP format deal for BBC (Published in News) 08-05-2002
    A Mexican network has picked up the format to the BBC~s long-running music show Top of the Pops - the first time the format has ever been sold into Latin America.
  • Cast signed for BBC/WGBH's new Sherlock drama (Published in News) 04-04-2002
    Richard Roxburgh and Ian Hart will star as Holmes and Watson in a {youthful{ BBC1 adaptation of the sleuth classic The Hound of the Baskervilles, to be made by UK indie Tiger Aspect.
  • Avalon sells comedy format into Spain (Published in News) 04-04-2002
    UK distributor Avalon International has sold the format to Baddiel & Skinner Unplanned to TV3 in Catalonia, Spain - its fifth sale of the comedy format so far.
  • Little Red Tractor gets the toon treatment (Published in News) 04-04-2002
    UK animation indie The Little Entertainment Company is following up its global animated hit Merlin the Magical Puppy with a second stop-frame series, The Little Red Tractor.
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