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AETN International

A division of A&E Television Networks (AETN), AETN International markets

the quality programming and proven success of HISTORY, A&E, Lifetime, BIO, Crime & Investigation Network, Military HISTORY, HISTORY HD, BIO HD and Crime & Investigation Network HD overseas. AETN channels and programs are now available in more than 150 countries to over 250 million TV households.


20 x 1/2 hour

Hosted by supermodel and supermom Heidi Klum (Project Runway), Seriously Funny Kids follows Klum as she interacts with children and brings out the hilarious and often insightful things they say.


12 X 1 hour

Twenty-two individuals facing extreme life-threatening health consequences as a result of their obesity experience real life change in this new original series.


6 x 1/2 hour & 1 x 1 /2 hour

Beyond Scared Straight profiles modern day inmate-run juvenile intervention programs in men’s and women’s prisons across the U.S. The series looks at the new and continually evolving approach to keeping today’s kids from becoming tomorrow’s convicts.


1 x 2 hour

From executive producers Tony and Ridley Scott, Gettysburg strips away the romanticized veneer of the Civil War and presents the engagement in a new light: a visceral, terrifying experience with everything on the line. At its core, this is the story of the soldiers on the ground, not the generals who commanded from behind the frontlines.


20 x 1/2 hour

In this character-driven treasure hunt about storage unit auctions, opportunistic individuals bid on unclaimed properties hoping to strike gold, whether for fast cash or fun.


8 x 1 hour

Throughout history, humans have evolved through genetic “mistakes”. This series travels the world in search of people with remarkable physical and mental powers.


AETN International

235 E 45th Street

New York, NY 10017, USA

T: +1-212-210-1400

F: +1-212-907-9476

E: [email protected]


Stand No: G3-18

T: 04-92-99-85-65

Executives attending:

Ian Jones, Managing Director, Int’l Content Sales & Commercial Development

Sean Cohan, Senior Vice President, Int’l

Jonathan South, Senior Director of Int’l Content Sales, EMEA

Jo Lovell, Director of Int’l Content Sales, Europe

Ling Sze Gan, Regional Director, Content Sales, Asia


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