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Spider Eye spots Todd Parr, SupperTime

UK animation company Spider Eye has teamed up with US best-selling author Todd Parr once again to create a preschool TV series.

Cornwall-based Spider Eye is working with Parr and licensing company SupperTime Entertainment to develop the as-yet-untitled show, with initial materials to be presented at Mipcom in October.

It is the second time the three have collaborated, following a 2016 short film Parr devised for Sesame Workshop, the non-profit educational organisation behind Sesame Street. Spider Eye animated the show, while Gerry Renert, president of SupperTime, produced.

Spider Eye has recently increased its production and distribution operations after working on a Thomas the Tank Engine web series for Mattel subsidiary Hit Entertainment’s YouTube channel. It is also behind Cbeebies’ Spot Bots and Boomerang’s The Happos Family.

“In my first conversation with Spider Eye, we discussed how we might put my themes and style of disruption into an original series,” said Parr. “I liked what I heard.”

Renert added: “The experience was so smooth and seamless and Spider Eye got Todd’s work so well, it seemed to be a natural to try our hand at another project.”

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