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Director: Raoul Magrangeas

Producer: Rémi Crosasso

Writer: Nicolas Ducray

Genres: Animation, Kids

People: Nicolas Ducray, Raoul Magrangeas, Rémi Crosasso

13 minutes

The wacky family is back, but this time with a focus on the teens!
In the first seasons of The Crumpets we mostly followed the adventures of L’il One, Granny Crumpets, Pa, Ma and other members of the family, but now it’s time to let the teenagers have their place in the sun! This season focuses on the musical, spiritual, ecological and romantic adventures of Pfff, Caprice, Cassandra, Marylin, Larry and Cordless (without forgetting Triceps, Ditzy, Bother and Blister and the other members of the family).

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