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MEDIATOON belongs to the group MEDIA-PARTICIPATIONS, which offers content to a large range of audiences and age groups via print, film, digital media and TV. Media-Participations is a leading producer of animated series in Europe.

MEDIATOON DISTRIBUTION sells high quality animated series worldwide, available on all media platforms: TV, DVD, VOD, Mobile, IPTV. Its rich and varied library boasts 2300 hours of programming, including such popular series as GARFIELD, TINTIN, LUCKY LUKE, CEDRIC, SPIROU, BABAR, THE MAGIC ROUNDABOUT and YAKARI, produced by Media Participations’ animation studios: Dargaud Media, Ellipsanime, Dupuis Audiovisuel, Belvision, and Storimages.

Mediatoon’s catalogue is also enhanced by acquisitions from independent European studios such as 4.21, Haut & Court, Bayard, Les Films du Triangle, as well as from Asian producers of high quality manga successes...

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