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C21’s Formats Report 2018


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The international format industry continues to fascinate both creatives and bean counters in the television business. The notion of coming up with an innovative billionaire-dollar idea and watching it roll out into scores of territories is the Holy Grail for many.

However, the business landscape is changing fast, with new entrants in the development, production, distribution and commissioning sectors. There are new threats, opportunities and money swilling around the industry – likewise, new expectations about ROI and what a hit actually looks like these days.

Last year, C21’s Format Report 2017 covered a lot of ground. This ranged from the industry’s new relationship with the very idea of the Next Big Thing and how the globalisation of culture was leading to a homogenisation of development, to the old guard giving way to a new generation of IP developers in what were once licensee markets.

This year, for C21’s Format Report 2018, we have another selection of trends that are being felt across the format industry. The nature of trends is they have long roots, so some of these might already be on your radar, some might not. But either way they’re impacting your business and should be reflected in your future format strategy.

Report chapters:

The SVoD factor
OTT platforms, once known for their bingeworthy serialised dramas, have this year shown that episodic reality works on SVoD too.
Idol chat
American Idol’s reboot on ABC says a lot about the formats industry, the power of brands and the challenges of IP creation, says Rob Mills.
Loose talk
Talkshows are moving out of the studio as producers around the world seek to put a novel stamp on this fast-evolving genre.
Feeling FAANGs bite
MIPTV: The growing influence of digital online players on the formats business was obvious over the two days of MipFormats.
Top formats of 2017
As part of its Formats Report for Pro subscribers, C21 has collated more than 170 of the most exciting formats of the year.
Our survey said...
Kicking off our annual Formats Report in the premium PRO strand, we take a look at the headline results of the seventh C21 Formats Survey.
C21’s Formats Report 2018
Report date: April 2018

Report price: £299.00

Report editor: Ed Waller