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Ninja Warrior challenges Europe

A Swedish broadcaster is set to begin shooting its own version of the Japanese physical competition series Sasuke, featuring what it claims is the “world’s most difficult” obstacle course.

Ninja Warrior Sweden begins filming tomorrow and will feature 120 of the country’s most agile and versatile athletes attempting to complete an intimidating obstacle course in Stockholm. It will air on SBS Discovery-owned Kanal 5 later this year.

The broadcaster has tapped Swedish format producer Elk Productions to make its own version of the extreme competition series, which already has its own US version, American Ninja Warrior, on NBC.

Sasuke started in Japan in 1997 on Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) and since then only three people have ever passed the notoriously difficult course, according to Kanal 5.

TBS has shopped the finished programmes in more than 150 markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and Latin America, and launched a pan-Asian version of the series last year.

The Japanese broadcaster has been working on getting a pan-European version produced since Mipcom 2012 and the Swedish version could set the ball rolling for more locally produced versions of the format in Europe.






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