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Jam Filled sticks to Arc

Arc is behind forthcoming series Kody Kapow

Arc is behind forthcoming series Kody Kapow

Canadian animation outfit Jam Filled Entertainment, which recently came under new ownership, is set to take over the assets of ailing Toronto-based studio Arc Productions.

Jam Filled is in talks to buy Arc, which filed for bankruptcy last week, a day before Jam Filled was bought out by Canada’s Boat Rocker Media.

Jam Filled has entered an agreement to acquire “substantially all of the business” of Arc, reports PlayBack.

Deloitte Restructuring took control of Arc on August 4 and the company’s studio has been closed to staff since the beginning of the month.

Arc, which rebranded from Starz Animation in 2011, was tapped by US cablenet Sprout in March to produce the animation for its forthcoming toon Kody Kapow, which is due in early 2017.

It has also produced feature films such as Gnomeo & Juliet and TV series including Matt Hatter Chronicles and Netflix’s Tarzan and Jane.

Jam Filled, meanwhile, is the service animation studio for series such as The Bagel and Becky Show, and is set to expand significantly following Boat Rocker’s takeover.


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