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ZDFE takes on Force of Nature

Anthropocene: Human Force of Nature

ZDF Enterprises (ZDFE) in Germany has taken worldwide distribution rights to a three-part docuseries that looks at scientific and social solutions to humanity’s greatest challenges.

Featuring images captured across every continent, Anthropocene: Human Force of Nature (3×52′) addresses global issues and explores opportunities for a better and sustainable world, according to ZDFE.

Jens Monath is the director and co-author of the project together with Heike Schmidt. Friederike Haedecke and Georg Graffe are the editors for German public broadcaster ZDF.

“A cinematic effect is to be expected due to the use of modern technology such as invasive cameras, drones and macro lenses as well as other more common technical equipment. The final product will be in ultra-high-definition HDR BT 2020 format,” added ZDFE.

It will feature harrowing images of destruction, such as large cities filled with smog, copper mines in Mexico’s Atacama Desert and kilometre-long rubbish whirlpools in the Pacific.

These will be contrasted with hopeful examples of sustainable solutions to environmental problems, such as Sweden’s highly efficient methods of waste recycling.


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