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Van Basten life story heads for screen

Van Basten playing for Milan in the early 1990s

Warner Bros-owned Dutch drama producer Hollands Licht has purchased the rights to the life story of former Netherlands international footballer Marco van Basten.

BASTA, the footballer’s autobiography, will be developed by the Red Light producer as an international drama series.

In BASTA, van Basten tells the story of his youth, his relationship with his parents, his career, his relationship with football coach Johan Cruyff, financial setbacks, his numerous successes and his many low points.

Hollands Licht is entering into a collaboration with actor Barry Atsma as creative consultant to develop the show.

Atsma said: “I remember cheering hysterically for his legendary goals and crying on the sofa when he was forced out of the San Siro. Marco is without a doubt a hero of mine, but I have also come to know him as a fascinating character full of contradictions.”

Producer Dan Blazer of Hollands Licht added: “We believe the life story of one of the greatest football phenomena in the world serves as a fantastic starting point for a drama series. Marco always sets the bar incredibly high, and the same will apply to the development of this series. It is intended to be a series with international allure.”



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