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Director: Rodrigo Cortés, Rodrigo Sorogoyen, Paco Plaza, Paula Ortiz

Producer: Prointel Producciones, Isla Audiovisual, Viacom

Writer: Narciso Ibáñez Serrador, Ignacio del Moral, Salvador Calvo, Nacho Vigalondo, Rocío Martínez Llano, Alice Waddington, Alberto Marini, Jaume Balagueró

Cast: Javier Gutierrez, Petra Martinez, Carlos Cuevas, Aníbal Gómez, Roberto Álamo, Álvaro Morte, Mina El Hammani, Boré Buika, Pablo Derqui, Manuela Vellés a. o.

Genres: Drama

4 x 50’ (Anthology) / UHD

Stories to Stay Awake is the reboot of the iconic Spanish series from the 1960s, originally created by the legendary Chicho Ibáñez Serrador. After the success of the first season, four new episodes of Stories to Stay Awake, brought to the screen by four masters of present-day cinema and television, continue to show the validity of the genius and vision of their creator. Once again different, once again dazzling, and combined with last season's episodes, will create an anthology of unique and unmissable stories.

The legacy of the original series is still alive and well today, with film critics becoming increasingly aware of both its historical importance in Spanish cinema and its enormous impact on the subsequent generation of directors. The series revolutionized the narrative film language of the era with stylistically neoteric production and cinematography that was never before seen in Spain. Through episodes of varying lengths, Chicho made viewers' hairs stand on end with his stories of murderers, ghosts, and science fiction, and these current installments aim to do the same. This new series gives global audiences the best of the traditional thriller genre but with a modern twist. From a tragic tale of eternal youth, to a seemingly apocalyptic home lockdown, a story of 19th century village murders, and finally, the effects of too much home security — each episode is unique in setting and theme, but they all have one thing in common: they will leave you sleepless at night.

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