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Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences

55min. × 10

“Shu Onotora” doesn’t know that the person who raised him is a professional hit-man. When somebody takes out his foster parent, however, Shu resolves to become a hit-man himself! He’s dead set on getting revenge!

Impeccably prepared, he tries to close in on his target, “Mitsuki Narumiya”. However, despite his superb skills and strength, no matter how much he tries, he can’t kill her because he keeps messing up!

In fact, he even saves her from grave danger?!

He even starts to suspect that she might be his childhood crush! Can two people who must not fall in love (who should’ve never had the chance in the first place) do so?!

Furthermore, there is a secret on her back. She can’t tell anyone! What is Mitsuki’s true identity, and what is she after?

It’s a love story like “Romeo and Juliet”! Can their forbidden love come to fruition?! Can this bumbling hit-man finish off his target?