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Pitchee Name:

Nathan Erasmus

The Secret of the Stone Circle

An enchanted tribute to the life and work of disability activist and Welsh children’s author; Elisabeth Sheppard-Jones, that introduces young audiences to the wonders of nature, well-being techniques and ancient foraging wisdom through child friendly Celtic folk stories intertwined with historical fantasy.

When a young city girl uncovers her late grandmother’s unpublished folklore novel, magical new friends help her understand its meaning whilst evil forces attempt to steal the book for their own unscrupulous plans.

‘The Secret of the Stone Circle’ is the story of Erin Sheppard-Jones, an imaginative, fearless and resourceful young girl who discovers a secret world of fairies just outside her grandmother’s old house.

After her grandmother Elisabeth, a prolific author of Children’s books, passes away, Erin and her mother begin to clear out her old home. Erin comes across a notebook full of diagrams and remedies that leads her to discover a whole hidden world of fairies and shaman’s. A strange plight is affecting some of the
creatures and a mysterious shapeshifter named Sheila is desperate to get her hands on Elisabeth’s notebook.

Erin is paired with a well meaning but idle fairy named Lazy and with this help, she learns earthy medicine to offset everyday problems whilst learning the secrets of myths and legends. This wisdom will be needed when she faces off against the forces of evil that wish to possess the secret power of the Stone Circle.

It will be an adventure story crossed with moral lessons and enduring bonds of friendship. Erin’s bond with Lazy will also teach her lessons about emotional healing as she is still grieving her grandmother while Lazy is struggling with being thrust out into the wider world. All this will be told with great humour and more
than a little foraging wisdom and fairy dust sprinkled in the air.

Project Information:
Director: Nathan Erasmus
Producer: Katie Oliver
Partners: Liquona Ltd
Development stage: Concept
Planned shooting start: N/A at this stage - hoping for 2023
Shooting location: UK
Languages: English
Total budget: £2,145,000
Budget per episode: £82,500
Financing already in place: £0 - We only tested the market with S4C who acquire through licensing and dubbing. Their response was positive which lead us to further develop the concept and apply for this pitch competition.
Looking for from the International Business: Pre-sales & distribution/Equity/Co-production partners

Company profile: Liquona is a video production company creating content for a range of client that includes TV adverts, corporate videos, 2D and 3D animations, virtual reality videos, apps and in the last 12 months starting developing original I.P. they have some ownership of.

Contact: Katie Oliver
Email: [email protected]
Phone: 07539 488146