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Producer: Toonz Media Group, Whitebait Media

Genres: Animation, Entertainment, Kids

Demographics: Children

Darwin & Newts

Toonz Media Group

Darwin & Newts are two siblings who go on fantastic escapades, discovering and experimenting with early science and engineering principles, all the while exploring the natural wonders of the outside world. As their names suggest, Darwin & Newts are both scientifically-minded and passionate about figuring how stuff works.

Joining the pair of adventurers is Wapati, a big wise deer; their neighbour Heni and her cheeky pet parrot Kea; and every now and then a grumpy frog called Burpee and his adorable friend Croakette!

Outdoor, play, hands-on perseverance and forests full of fun are at the forefront as Darwin and Newts face each challenge with imagination, laughter, creativity and a large dose of trial and error!

Real life images are used alongside the animation to explain the scientific, natural and engineering themes, fact and principles that the series covers in each of its episodes. The series’ helps kids to become interested in the world they live in, to ask questions as well as to discover by themselves.

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