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Cast: Mao Daichi, Marika Matsumoto

Genres: Comedy, Drama

10 x 55’

Independent and attractive, Haruko Nakajima is 60 years old with two divorces under her belt. A well-respected, top-class cosmetic surgeon, she despises waste. Izumi Kikuchi, 39, is the editor of a small publishing company. Single and yearning for a happy marriage, she meets Haruko by chance and the pair become fast friends.

“Moping around worrying about it is a waste of time! Wasting time is a waste of money you could have been earning!”

Haruko will happily tear into people for problems caused by their pointless pride, with a combination of sharp wit and merciless quips. However, her attacks are so effective she actually helps improve people’s lives! Thrilling entertainment revolving around an independent super woman!