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Cast: Wakana Aoi, Hirona Yamazaki, Yumi Morio, Emi Nakao

Genres: Drama

8 x 55’

24 year-old Miho lives alone in a stylish part of Tokyo. It’s been a year since she started work, but she’s not started saving for the future at all, spending her hard-earned money on fashion and food, only focused on having fun and living in the moment.

Until one day, a senior coworker at her company suddenly falls ill and retires. This leaves Miho reeling, suddenly worried for her own future.

At the same time, Miho's grandmother worked hard, saving to increase her husband's inheritance eventually reaching her target amount, but has now lost motivation and lives a dull life. In addition, Miho’s mother is stuck in an unpleasant marriage with her taciturn husband but can’t file for divorce as she has no personal savings.

Three generations of women, facing their own worries in life, begin to seriously consider why they are saving money, and what they are saving for, whilst striving to achieve their dreams.

An oddball family drama about everyday life and how “money” affects it.