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Director: Emma Baus

Producer: Cocottes Minute, Arte

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences


Most animals live in groups, but when it comes to evolution, who guides the direction? Who decides whether to continue or stop hunting?

Shot in Botswana and Europe, the film reveals how these animal species collectively make their decisions through consensus and collaborative strategies.

Episode 1 - The Chief consults
When necessity prevails in the wilderness, cooperation becomes essential. In Botswana, among the most hierarchical animal societies, the leader consults members of his group before taking action. Each species proceeds in its own way to make its point of view heard by its leader. Dogs (wild dogs) sneeze, baboons walk in a certain direction, elephants growl and meerkats scream.
What if democracy had been invented by animals?

Episode 2 - The People Rule
The majority is a more effective guarantee of survival than any tyranny. A journey to meet the European animals in which the people govern through voting. Species composed of tens, hundreds or even thousands of individuals make their decisions democratically without following a leader. Bison, bees, deer and pigeons decide together what to do and where to go. Immersion in these animals that put the group first.

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