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Director: Guillaume Perez , Anne-Solen Douguet, Stéphane Bohée (co-director), Aurélia Rouvier (co-director)

Producer: Antoine Baldassari

Executive Producer: KM (Banijay Group)

Writer: Guillaume Perez, Anne-Solen Douguet, Stéphane Bohée (co-writer), Aurélia Rouvier (co-writer)

Cast: Pharrell Williams, Carla Bruni, Paloma Picasso, Anna Mouglalis, Bruno Pavlovsky (Ceo Chanel), Serge Brunschwig (Ceo Fendi), Pier Paolo Righi (Ceo Karl Lagerfeld)

Genres: Documentary

4x1 HR

Karl Lagerfeld is a name and above all a figure known across the globe. He was the greatest fashion designer of his time. More than a designer, he became a brand, an icon. Lagerfeld was a personality out of the ordinary, the absolute accomplishment of a free man who spent his life reinventing himself. He was also an illusionist, who sometimes bent the truth - especially about his past - to embellish his legend. But where did this determination stem from, where did he draw his strength, what were his underlying motivations? Who hid behind the impeccably trimmed suit, white ponytail and his dark glasses? Who really was Karl Lagerfeld?