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Director: Heidi Maria Faisst

Producer: Sara Namer, Johannes Rothaus Nørregaard

Executive Producer: Meta Louise Foldager Sørensen

Writer: Lærke Sanderhoff

Cast: Sara Klein, Peter Plauborg, Anton Hjejle, Bodil Jørgensen, Marijana Jankovic

Genres: Drama

8 X Approx. 40min

Elvira's world turns upside down when Candy, a sex worker at the brothel where she works as a receptionist, goes missing. As Elvira is drawn into the dangerous criminal underworld of Copenhagen to try and find her, the few people she is close to are at risk - her sweet but struggling drug addict brother Sixten, and their close childhood friend Køster who leads a double life as both police officer and brothel boss.

Navigating the complex web of human trafficking, "shell companies" and deceitful personalities, Elvira transforms from an underdog into a figure of justice fighting for those that no one else will - the innocent and powerless victims paying the ultimate price against a seemingly invincible system.