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Director: Peter Sullivan

Producer: Peter Sullivan

Executive Producer: Barry Barnholtz,Zelma Kiwi,Jeffrey Schenck

Cast: Taylor Cole,Jack Turner,Lauren Holly,Marina Sirtis,Vanessa Angel,Kassandra Clementi,Brian Dare,Walter Platz,Ashley Santos

Genres: Drama

People: Ashley Santos, Barry Barnholtz, Brian Dare, Jack Turner, Jeffrey Schenck, Kassandra Clementi, Lauren Holly, Marina Sirtis, Peter Sullivan, Taylor Cole, Vanessa Angel, Walter Platz, Zelma Kiwi

Shows: My Summer Prince

Companies: Starz

My Summer Prince

1 x 90 Minutes

Mandy Cooper, assistant to PR legend Deidre Kelley, would like more responsibility in her job but has never gotten the chance to prove herself. Deidre and Mandy fly to small town Greenbriar, Idaho to do damage control for the handsome, but immature Prince Colin of Edgemere, but Deidre comes down with chicken pox. When Mandy is asked to help handle the situation, she decides to go one step further and actually pretends to be her own boss! With Mandy impersonating Deidre in a lie she can't seem to get out of, she unexpectedly finds herself falling in love with Prince Colin… and he for her. What happens when he finds out the truth? And what will happen to Mandy when Deidre realizes what she's done?

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