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Director: Olivier Migneron

Producer: Carolyn Hay, Andrew Sabiston

Executive Producer: Andrea Griffith, Marlo Miazga, Bruno Dubé, Sean Connolly, Jacques Bilodeau, Isabelle Bilodeau

Writer: Carolyn Hay, Andrew Sabiston, Amanda Smith, Miles Smith, Amy Brown, Desmond Sargeant, Madeleine Patton, Pascale Bilodeau, Alex Cabrera Aragon

Cast: Riley - Kailtyn Fitzpatrick, Theo - Shiloh Obasi, Alex - Jacob Mazeral

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

30 X 11 min

Riley is ultra-talented singer/songwriter and guitarist of her band, Megablast. Riley has a vivacious personality and is bursting with positivity and can-do attitude. She doesn’t let anything get in the way of her dreams - and she has big dreams!

Riley’s world was rocked (literally) during an especially loud jam session. Aunt Jenny upgraded the band’s amps to create the “perfect sound,” but instead caused a sonic megablast that left Riley, her friends, Alex and Theo, and their instruments with superpowers. They decided to name their band after the event.

When the band discovers their powers, they decide to become part-time superheroes and have cool hero names - Riley is Rocket, Alex is Metallix, Theo is Thunder and, Riley’s pet hedgehog, Beatrix, becomes Trix. Megablast uses the power of music to save their hometown of Greenville from mischievous Baddies.

Aunt Jenny, the is the only one who knows their secret.

Along with their instruments, Riley’s wheelchair, Alex’s skateboard, and Theo’s bike also transform when they do. With her set of wicked wheels and bandmate besties, Riley a.k.a. Rocket is always ready to rock n’ roll into action!

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