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Director: Tim Harper

Producer: Sixteen South

Executive Producer: Colin Williams

Writer: Sam Barlow, Maria O’Loughlin, Sarah Daddy

Cast: Alexander Molony, Simon Callow, Dan Skinner, Haruka Kuroda, Tim Whitnall, Anne Reid

50 x 12’ & 11 x 2’ – 2D Animation

Claude is a very helpful little dog who wearssmart shoes, a dashing red jumper and arather nifty beret.

Claudelives at 112 Waggy Avenue with his owners, Mr and Mrs Shinyshoes, and his best pal in the whole world - Sir Bobblysock (who isboth a sock and quite bobbly).

Pawhaven is a small seaside town, like a mini-Brighton. It’s distinctively styled with 1950s references in the architecture, props and costume. Technology exists in the form of bell telephones and electric lights.The show is scored with a live jazz soundtrackand catchy theme tune.

Every day afterMr and Mrs Shinyshoeshave gone to work, Claude heads off on amadcap adventure with Sir Bobblysockand his larger than life friends in thecolourful town of Pawhaven.

Based on the hugely successful series ofbooks written and illustrated byAlex T. Smith and published internationally by Hachette, Claude appeals to a multipledemographic of both boys and girls.

Every episode sees Claude and Sir Bobbly sock pop down Waggy Avenue into Pawhaven, a bustling, whimsical town where there’s always something to do, someone to meet or some adventure to go on. It’s a place where everyone knows Claude’s name.

If someone is needed to save the day, take on a special role or help out a friend, Claude is the dog to do it – his nose twitches, his ears waggle...

‘I can do that!’