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Director: Patrick Hammerschmidt, Klaus Knoesel, Andreas Stenschke, Hannes Spring, Patrick Freiheit, Matthias Hedwig, Kirim Schiller, Markus Hansen, Julian Plica, Renate Gosiewski, Birte Robbers

Producer: Filmpool Entertainment

Cast: Caroline Frier, Katharina Hirschberg, Oliver Franck, Alexander Koll

Genres: Drama

60 x 30'

Love makes everyone feel better

After many years working as an emergency doctor in Berlin, Dr Sarah König needs a fresh start for both her and teenage daughter Leonine (Leo). She decides to relocate to the picturesque village of Wiesenkirchen in the heart of Bavaria, where she also hopes to put an end to the biggest lie of her life. Wiesenkirchen is home to majestic mountains, crystal-clear lakes – and Dr Fabian Kroiss…her former partner and Leo’s father, although neither of them is aware of this fact.

Sarah begins working in the village practice alongside the unhappily married Fabian, and old feelings are soon re-ignited. However, not one for a simple life, she soon finds herself torn between him and her landlord, mountain rescuer Max. As she settles into this rural idyll, family and romantic relationships get complicated and, despite winning the trust of the locals, her explosive secret will soon be exposed, changing everything. Packed with carefully drawn characters and plenty of drama, all set against a stunningly scenic backdrop, “The Country Doctor” can always be relied upon to provide a daily dose of appointment viewing.