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Producer: Cheerio Entertainment

Genres: Format, Reality

Germany S1: 16 x 25'

Eight reality stars meet in a luxury villa in a tropical paradise and are put into pairs. Equipped with a heavy backpack each for essentials, plus three survival items per team – cash, a compass and a ‘dumb phone’ (without internet access or camera), the duos are each abandoned at a different remote drop off point and tasked with finding their way back to the villa.

On their daily routes to overnight wilderness camps, they encounter “karma boxes” that may reveal missing parts of their map, present tasks, or offer temptation. Who will resist the allure, and who will prioritize their own advantage, and bring the drama… either to their own team, or when all the teams meet up?

We follow the teams’ progress through stunning scenery, to see who makes it back to the villa and if that couple is still talking! Finally, the celebs vote which one is to be crowned the ultimate backpacker – and claim the prize money.