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Producer: Imagination Television for TVNZ and Discovery NZ (New Zealand)

Genres: Entertainment, Format

S1: 15 x 45’; S2: 24 x 30’; S3: 18 x 45'

Love and tactics explode in this hot reality format, now in its second season.

‘Heartbreak Island’ is the multi-night reality series that has taken New Zealand by storm.

The world of online dating goes offline, as contestants match and compete in a game of popularity only one couple can win – all set on a beautiful, tropical island.

At the start of the series, 12 singles choose prospective partners from a dating app. Pairs, matched through the app, live and compete together in a series of physical challenges. Those who fail are eliminated – unless fellow competitors activate the Playback option to save them.

Each week contestants face a ‘Passion Play’, where they choose to stay with their partner, stray to another contestant or bring in a new person who might turn out to be their ideal partner.

If that wasn’t brutal enough, rankings let players know what their fellow contestants really think of them. You can forget loyalty; it will take tactics and manipulation to stay in this game. At the end of the show, the last couple standing leave the island with the $100,000 cash prize.

Also available on tape: S1: 15 x 45’; S2: 24 x 30’ (Total episodes 15 x 45’ + 24 x 30’)