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Producer: Middlechild Productions

Genres: Factual

People: Middlechild Productions

4 x 60’

Fare Dodgers: At War With The Law is a compelling behind-the-scenes look at Transport for London's enforcement officers and undercover investigators.

Transport for London calculates that 11 million people use the bus or Tube in London every day, of which some 70,000 dodge paying their fares.

That equates to £200,000 a day in lost revenue on the Tube alone and an estimated overall loss to TfL of £116 million a year. Currently about 25,000 fare dodgers are prosecuted, which represents a success rate of just over 35 per cent.

This series, which tracks several different types of fare dodgers, shows us not only the shocking scale of the criminality that operates daily on TfL, but what these revenue inspectors, revealed here as unsung heroes, have to put up with.