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Director: Neele Leana Vollmar

Writer: Alice based on a novel by Daniela Kohl, Bettina Börgerding Pantermüller

Cast: Meggy Hussong, Yola Streese, Levi Kazmaier, Timothy Scannell, Oliver Mommsen, Laura Tonke, et al.

Genres: Kids


11-year-old Lotta’s family can be hard work at times. Luckily, she can always count on her best friend, Cheyenne. But their friendship is about to be tested to the limit. Their snooty classmate, Berenike, is having a party and has invited everyone along – except for Lotta and Cheyenne. The two girls are determined not to let her get away with it.

Together with their gang, the Wild Rabbits, they hatch a plan. Lotta and Charlotte try everything: from spying on Berenike to trying to worm their way into her good graces – they even go ice-skating with her. Nothing works. When Lotta is nearly run over by the famous pop star, Marlon, the pair has a brainwave. They’ll use him as their ticket to the party.