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Director: Jacek Rokosz

Producer: Animoon sp.z o.o

Genres: Animation, Kids

26 x 6'

"Bella in the belly" is a story of a 5-year-old boy named Benny and his very, very little sister Bella, that in fact, hasn’t been born yet. Bella and Benny are siblings that build a very exceptional relation-ship. Despite being separated they communicate. Bella hears the sounds and voices and uses imag-ination to understand them.

She can play and interact with all the objects she imagines - as her im-agination brings things to life inside the belly. Benny sees her through the belly - he talks to her and touching the belly he illustrates and explains the look and purpose of the objects she is imagining. Benny uses his imagination not only to play and have fun but also when there is a problem to solve.

And in everyday family life problems do nothing but appear. Both of them face every challenge with open minds and out of the box - or out of the belly - solutions.