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Director: Shinsuke Miura

Producer: Hitoshi Miyashita

Executive Producer: Tadaaki Kurata

Genres: Comedy, Entertainment, Format, Kids

Piggyback Challenge

Nippon TV
15 - 60 minutes per episode

Trouble when double!
What would you fight through with your partner to win a dream experience for free?

Couples compete against other pairs while piggybacking their partner as they clear the given tasks such as shopping, jogging or dining within a time limit, in pursuit of their dream prize.
Make sure you never drop your partner, or otherwise you're immediately disqualified.

Even if you're over your physical limits, as long as you're with your beloved partner, you can overcome anything. Or so they say...
In one challenge, the couple tries to bring as many items as they want to the cashier in the electronics store within the time limit. Among the participants, the couple who brings the heaviest total weight in items will take home the prize.
Or, in another challenge, you must carry your partner up the staircase of a hotel to get to the suite for a free luxurious stay!
As physical exhaustion sets in, can couples keep calm and focus on cooperating to clear the game? Or will extreme pressure bring out the frustration, drama and true characters that can lead to epic falls?
This is the ultimate challenge for two people who believe their bond is stronger than all the other couples out there!
On your piggyback, get set, go!

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