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Director: Christine Luby

Producer: Steve Jaggi, Spencer McLaren, Kelly Son Hing

Executive Producer: Vanessa Shapiro, Lionel Hicks

Writer: Georgia Harrison

Cast: Saskie Hampele (Neighbors, A Few Less Men), Liam McIntyre (Star Wars Resistance, The Flash), Lynn Gilmartin (Neighbors)

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: All audiences


Laura is a successful hardworking big city lawyer on the verge of being promoted to partner at her firm with a like-minded fiancé. To seal her promotion, Laura must go back to her hometown, the island of Sapphire Cove to convince her childhood best friend Chip to sign a contract to take over his grandfather’s company. At first, Chip refuses to read the contract but Laura and Chip eventually reach an agreement that for every “fun and relaxing” event Laura does then Chip will read a page. As they reconnect, the chemistry between the two are immediate and Laura learns what is important that “home is where the heart is.”