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Director: Jonathan Wright

Producer: Shane Boucher, Caitlin Delaney

Executive Producer: Jesse Prupas, Jonas Prupas, Colton Haynes, Piers Vellacott, Sara Murray, Oneida Crawford

Writer: Liz Lake

Cast: Colton Haynes, Gabrielle Graham

Genres: TV Movie

Demographics: Adults 25-54

120 min

Louisa, 27, has never been one to believe in fairytales. She grew up watching her mom fall for lousy guys and she promised herself she’d learn from her mother’s mistakes. She leads a regular life, working at a telemarketing company with her best friend Brooke. When she meets Prince Charming at a bar one night, her world turns upside down. Steve, late 20s, has everything going for him: he’s a philanthropist, he’s unbelievably rich and he even knows the singer/rapper, 50 Cent! When Steve realizes that his phone, keys and wallet are missing, Louisa is more than happy to welcome him to her one-bedroom apartment. Steve’s bad luck keeps piling on and Louisa continues to accommodate him, willing to lend him money and shelter for as long as he needs. Steve claims that he doesn’t have access to his money right now, but he will soon…

Brooke and her boyfriend take it upon themselves to dig into Steve’s past, only to realize he never really existed. After a short fight, Steve promises to bring Louisa to his house upstate. While waiting for Steve in her car, Louisa gets a call from Brooke, who shares all her findings. Steve never makes it back to the car. Louisa is alone, betrayed, and scammed of $1,500.

Through Shania, a past victim of Steve’s scamming ways, Louisa learns about his twin brother Mitch. Upon visiting Steve and Mitch’s childhood home, Louisa learns that Steve has always been a troublemaker, and Mitch has had to cover for his twin’s shortcomings his whole life. Over the phone, Mitch explains to Louisa that he hasn’t seen Steve in ages and that he feels sorry for him. One morning, uncontrollable nausea hits Louisa, along with a horrible realization: she’s pregnant. She decides to keep the child and love him no matter what. Louisa meets with Holly, another one of Steve’s victims and decides to create a website to expose him.

Months later, she gives birth to Hal, and thanks to her website, Steve is finally arrested. Years pass and she discovers that both twins are con men and that Mitch has been very active since Steve’s incarceration. Mitch catfishes Louisa through her website to get her contact information. He calls her and threatens to make her life hell and to take her son away from her. Louisa takes it upon herself to play Mitch at his own game and sets him up as a thief with the help of a few scorned women, Holly, Shania, and Bonny. But very quickly their set-up plan goes awry and in a tense showdown Louisa must outrun the psychopathic Mitch. In the nick of time, the police arrest Mitch and he’s put in jail alongside Steve. For now, Louisa, her son Hal, and all the other victims are safe from the Johnson twins. Regardless of who the real father is, she loves her son, and nothing will ever change that.