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Director: Smith

Writer: Sorami Tachi

Cast: Atsuhiro Inukai, Miona Hori

Genres: Drama


The main character is a good-looking husband who loves his wife.The story is about him “being cheated on.”

“Melancholy of the Betrayed” is different from other cheating manga in that the focus is on “the cheatee.”

The main character loves his wife and is a good-looking, higher earner; a husband anyone would be envious of. His wife Aiko finds him too nice and lacking in excitement, so she begins an affair with her boss at work.

It was meant to be casual in the beginning, but she becomes increasingly serious and plans to make her boss her own by breaking up his family and pinning all the blame on her husband.
In one sense, you’ll find yourself unable to take your eyes away from the ending which takes a bracing look at the true feelings of Aiko, the worst cheating wife in history, who is never discouraged and always misinterprets things in her favor...