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Home > Screenings > Magic Light Pictures > Zog and the Flying Doctors

Director: Sean Mullen

Producer: Michael Rose, Martin Pope

Writer: Max Lang, Suzanne Lang

Cast: Patsy Ferran, Sir Lenny Henry, Hugh Skinner, Mark Bonnar, Daniel Ings, Alexandra Roach, Lucien Msamati

Genres: Animation, Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Children


A comedy adventure from Magic Light Pictures. Princess Pearl, Sir Gadabout and Zog the dragon make a most unlikely flying doctor team who are committed to treating all kinds of creatures, real and mythical, including a sunburnt mermaid, a unicorn with an extra horn and a lion with the flu.

One day, the trio accidentally fly into a storm. Gadabout and Zog are tired and miserable, so when Pearl spots her uncle’s castle they decide to fly down to take shelter. But the King isn’t happy to see that Pearl has discarded her pretty dresses and is now a doctor, so he captures her and holds her locked in the castle. Zog and Gadabout try all sorts of ways to get her out, but their efforts are in vain.